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Frank Mastro l'Électricien offer the best work for any and all electrical needs in the Boucherville region. We offer a variety of services in buildings of all shapes and sizes, allowing you to keep your property well-maintained without question. From heating, to lighting, and everything in between.

With the ability to provide for all establishment types, lighting is one of our quintessential services. We have the tools to guarantee brighter days ahead after any job completed!

Boucherville winters can be quite harsh. A proper heating system is essential for making it through. Allow the professionals at Frank Mastro l'Électricien to make sure your property will be ready to endure the cold climates that come with the season.

Our experienced team is qualified for any and all jobs, whether commercial, residential, or industrial. Let us ensure all of your electrical products are being well-preserved, without flaw. With years of experience in the industry, along with competitive rates and incomparable problem solving abilities, we have all of the information and resources one would need to ensure our jobs are executed to perfectly fit your needs. If you’re looking for quality and efficiently from an electrician in Boucherville, give us a call today.

Emergency Call: (514) 497-2126

If you’re looking for quality and efficiency from an electrician, give us a call today.