Our Industrial Services


Let the handy team at Frank Mastro The Electrician be the light of your life! We provide complete lighting solutions in every element of construction. We are professions for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting needs. Our employees possess the skillset to complete any job in an orderly and satisfactory manner, brightening your day, one job at a time.


Montreal winters can be harsh. A proper heating system is essential for making it through. Let us help ensure your property will be ready to endure the cold climates that come with the season.

Problem Solving

Thorough analysis in order to target all types of electrical problems.


Montreal properties are simply unpredictable. Between certain building’s construction dates stemming back to the 19th century, to others going up concerningly quickly, there’s no telling what issues every property may face. Let us to make sure elements of your property such as distribution, components, and electrical equipment are intact (this can also come in handy for insurance purposes down the line).

Distribution Panels

Distribution panels are absolutely vital for the circulation of electricity within a given residence. However, this is no task for an average person. Did you know that about 200 people die from household electrocutions on an annual basis? Don’t take any risks, contact our team of professionals for any of your distribution panels-related needs.


Keeping any property in tip-top shape should be a top priority for any real estate owner. Allow us to assist you in making sure these needs are met. We at Frank Mastro The Electrician offer a variety of renovation types in buildings of all shapes and sizes, allowing you to keep your building well-maintained without doing any of the heavy lifting.

Cameras and Surveillance

You can never be too safe with guarding what’s yours. Our company offers installation of both DVR and NVR surveillance devices for a wide range of property types. With our installations you’ll have the guarantee your building will be watched at all times.

Electric Meter

An electricity meter is a tool used to measure the amount of energy being used by a building. In our consumer society, a device like this has grown exponentially important. The team at Frank Mastro The Electrician can provide services including installation, modification, repairing, and more. In addition to installation, we also present our own measurements of consumption, with complimenting reports included.

Electrical Input

Installation, modification, transferring and other work on electrical input.


Installation and repair of low-voltage in factories.

Electric Conformity

Ensuring a safe electrical installation should never be undermined. We take the time to analyse the conformity of each of our installation jobs, thus guaranteeing consistency in elements such as welfare and quality are met every time.

Electric Plugs

Electricity is ubiquitous. With the use of technology in our society on a constant rise, the convenience of readily available electrical plugs becomes increasingly important. We offer a number of services involving your electrical outlets needs, including (but not limited to) installation, reparation, and modification of AC power plugs and sockets.

Overvoltage Protection

Power surges are far from uncommon, and often occur during intense thundering and lightning. These surges can result in the damage of a given household’s electronic circuits, often a reason why devices like televisions and landlines suddenly stop working after one happens. Frank Mastro The Electrician has the tools to install overvoltage protection to your property, preventing any problems before they even happen.


Displaying your own personality has become absolutely key in this day and age. No one person is the same, and we’re all about catering to our customers’ respective uniqueness. We provide design consultation for lighting, heating, and other electrical components, giving you the power to tailor any element to suit all of your needs and desires.

Consumption Analysis

Measurement of consumption, consumption reports and installation of measuring devices.

Sustainable Optimisation

Let’s face it, we’re living in a wasteful world. In a 2014 survey by the Canadian Engineering Education Association, 76% of Canadians said energy efficiency was a high priority. Because of its importance, Frank Mastro The Electrician is proud to have analysis and detection of solutions to improve energy consumption available to clients who may have an interest in conserving their energy use.

Electric Charging Ports

Frank Mastro The Electrician knows the importance of changing with the times. With electric cars on the rise, you’ll want to have the proper resources to maintain one. An electric charging port is easy to install, convenient in size, and crucial for any electrical vehicle owner. Call the professionals to get the job done right.


Maintenance and refurbishment of electrical industrial circuits for machinery.

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